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March 4, 2012


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Carciphona book 2 preorder!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2012, 5:01 PM

"Veloce has finally left her home behind her, but the forces of the  King and Blackbird are not her only concerns. A mysterious illness  threatens to take her down before she can leave Kronzel."

Carciphona Volume 2 is now available for preorder at my shop at! :D

And as usual, I am hosting a (almost) month-long preorder event from Sunday, March 4 to Saturday, March 31 to promote my newest book! Order the book during this period to be eligible for:
  • A discount!
  • Much cheaper shipping to the USA ($5 per maximum of 2 books rather than $8 each)
  • A place in the preorder raffle

:star: :star: Preorder raffle :star: :star:

All preorders are entered into a raffle for a chance to win your order for free! (ie. refunded) The number of winners depends on the amount of preorders: for every 50 preorders, there will be one more winner chosen. The first 50 preorders will receive a bonus entry (for a total of 2) into the raffle! All gone ): An e-mail has been sent to all those who made it on the list :D

Winners will be announced and contacted on April 2 (just so you guys don't think I'm trolling)

:star: :star: Shipping :star: :star:

All preorders will be shipped during the first week of April, right after preorders end. With the release of volume 2, I am offering combined shipping for those interested in purchasing both books to save shipping costs for you. If you would like to switch out one book for another (eg. 2 copies of volume 2 instead of 1+2), please clearly indicate in your order note or e-mail me to confirm ahead of time. Shipping prices are as follows:
  • Canada: up to 2 books per shipment: $5
  • USA: up to 2 books per shipment: $5
  • International: 1 book: $11, 2 books: $14

:star: :star: Cash order :star: :star:

If you would like to preorder, but do not have the means to pay for it online (ie. cannot use paypal or credit cards), you can choose to mail your payment to me. However I will not be responsible for any lost payment (though it has never happened in the past ~30 cash orders I have received). Please write me an e-mail at indicating your interest and I will send you everything you'll need to know! Unfortunately cash orders will not be entered into the raffle ):

Other updates

:bulletred: Carciphona volume 3 is now in print and available for sale!
:bulletred: Carciphona is now on SmackJeeves.
:bulletred: My Bookstore now open!

Conventions 2012!

:bulletred: Anime North: May 25-27, Toronto (Confirmed with table)
:bulletred: Otakon: July 27-29, Baltimore (Confirmed with table)
:bulletred: FanEXPO: August 23-26, Toronto (confirmed with table)
All done! see you next year ^^


Carciphona is my original manga series. It is available to read for free online and updates weekly on, and is published by myself in print whenever I finish a new book. Most of the artworks I do are for this series. Please check it out and if you enjoyed it, share it with your friends and those who may be interested! Thank you for all your support ^^

Skin by Ikue

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never-home Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
...Oh, wow, I didn't even know there was a pre-order raffle...

Whelp, I finally ordered those books! Eeeks, I can't waaaaait! Thanks for being awesome! :heart:
Riku-of-Darkness Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:w00t: Have ordered my two books. Can't wait for next month!
shilin Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for your support!
aubreyvamp Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
will you be signing them again like last time? I would really like that since it makes it more special than it already is :3
shilin Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
yes, all books are still signed by default ^^
Mahrahia Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I get so lazy to read these. I'll wait till there's a good amount to read, then I'll get into a Carciphona marathon. Usually I finish comics that way.
ButtercupJAP Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
It says this:

"We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment."

Is there another payment way?
shilin Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
The only other option is by mail which I would not recommend if you are able to pay online. If you did not receive a confirmation e-mail from storenvy saying what you ordered and giving you an order# (6 digits), the payment has not gone through. If you find the payment did go through as shown on your paypal or credit card account, please send an e-mail to me ( with your name, e-mail and payment date, and I will find it and refund it to you.

Sorry for the trouble ):
ButtercupJAP Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012
But what can I do for buying it???? I so wanna have this volume! Please give me a simple solution (really sorry, sometime I get confused in my own language).
shilin Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
what I meant is, you can try again to see if you get the same error.
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