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Iriel Epsilon sounds like... 

58 deviants said ...a girl's name.
34 deviants said ...a bisexual name.
26 deviants said ...a weird name.
24 deviants said ...a boy's name.
3 deviants said overused name.

Devious Comments

Shas-vre Featured By Owner May 29, 2005
Iriel is good, but Epsilon is... well... a greek E (or number 5, both are right). Iriel 5 would sound better :).
laika13 Featured By Owner May 24, 2005
The name sounds bisexual, though the last name is a bit too "sci-fi"-ish.
eduardofrench Featured By Owner May 24, 2005   Photographer
latin words mixed with rare names are too much now they have been used a lot lot in comics and manga try something new instead, the worst is that it resembles a lot at a washing maching soap name lol
ph34rbot Featured By Owner May 24, 2005  Professional Filmographer
i get more of a location feeling from that.
blackfox389 Featured By Owner May 23, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
it sounds feminane.
kisa Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
:D I :heart: Iriel. But Epsilon... LIGHT EPSILON! -.- Yea.
msh Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
I think it sounds like the two works I would scream as I was dying o0o.

Not really though.

Iriel reminds me of Ariel though, which is why I voted such and such and such and yes, OPINION, EAT IT SHIPPOS.
tenshinoakuma Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
Iriel makes me think female, but then Epsilon makes me think male. o_O I voted that it sounded like a girl's name though.
LorraineFish Featured By Owner May 23, 2005
'tis a strange name... but Iriel does sound rather feminine. However, if it was a girl's name, wouldn't it be Irielle? Hm... it's like Gabriel and Gabrielle.
Frazst Featured By Owner May 22, 2005
It's sort of a non-gender-specific name, but I see more of a guy.

When I first read it though, it sounded like a printer name. ^^;; Sorry...
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