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Photoshop tools poll set 2: If you use photoshop, do you use dodge/burn? Please vote on the other polls of this set too ^^ 

125 deviants said no (most of the time)
113 deviants said yes (most of the time)

Devious Comments

Can't color an artwork without'em. Well...I CAN, but I use them pretty much 90% of the time....but recently I've been in a Cell-shading mode for some reason D:
i use them for only for hair a specific bit of clothing... or to do the shade darker than the second shade.
ugh.. I can't stand dodge and burn. >< I find 80% of the time it just makes the image look bad mainly because the burn tool doesn't give natural shadows. If you just paint shadows and highlights yourself, it'll look a lot more natural. ^^''
.... i used to use them a lot >.> but now i pretty much use it for bg sometimes or some other random thing. otherwise i use the layer modes ^^
no, not really. To hard to control... I just layer on and use a normal round brush most of the time
sometimes ^^ i dont use the tools..i mainly use adition layer in oc :O
Used to use them like some crazy phycopath. Now that I've experimented with different coloring methods I found that Multiply and Color Dodge I have more control over, and all the other blending modes for that matter.

Dodge= for the occasional highlight (unless I'm making something glowing exposure is never above 40 (exposure is on 80 for glowing)

Burn = Should do as it's name suggests.
mumpo Jul 6, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Naw. I find them really hard to control; used to use them a bit (like 2 years ago) but now I pick my own colours.
Nope again ^^;
Ever since I discovered the "multiply" and "screen" layers, I've never used the dodge/burn tools.
I hate the burn tool so much -_-' For me, it always ruins my pictures. I don't use the dodge tool very often either, but as long as you don't overdo it, it usually makes a picture look nicer =)
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